Joining a meeting

To join a meeting you need to get the meeting join link to this conference from the meeting owner, for example: .
The invitation link contains the following information:
  1. VideoMost server name: ;
  2. conference identifier (ID): 711062 (value after the "confid =" line);
  3. conference password: 9431 (value after the "confpass =" line).
  4. There are two main ways to enter the conference:
  5. through the address bar of the browser;
  6. through the VideoMost homepage.


VideoMost launches conferences:

- In Google Chrome browser via WebRTC (no additional software required).

- In other browsers (Firefox, Safari, etc.) through the VideoMost Proton application. When you first enter the conference through one of these browsers, the system will offer to download and install this application. The installation process has no differences from the standard application installation process.