My Conference tab

On the My Conferences tab, the system displays a list of conferences that you have ever scheduled. The entire list is divided into the following sections:
  1. Active conferences: The meetings that are in progress (online) at the moment.
  2. Scheduled conferences: The upcoming (future) meetings.
  3. Past conferences: The meetings that are over.
  4. The list of conferences is displayed in a table with the following fields:
  5. Start time, End time: The start/end date/time of the meeting.
  6. Conference topic: The meeting topic.
  7. ID, Password: The meeting ID and password.
  8. Status: the meeting status:
    1. The green icon: the meeting is online.
    2. The grey icon: the meeting is offline.


    You can terminate a meeting by clicking the green icon for the meeting.

  9. Manage: A set of options that can be used for any meeting in the table:
    1. Start/stop meeting recording:
    2. Join a meeting:
    3. View a brief information about a meeting:
    4. View and load/upload meeting materials:
    5. Repeat a past meeting (available only for the past meetings) with its settings. After clicking this button, the system displays the Edit conference page, you can edit the meeting and schedule it:
    6. Edit the meeting detail:
    7. Delete a meeting from a conference list irrevocably: