VideoMost for secure and productive government virtual meetings

Common challenges for state and local authority remote meetings:

  • Lack of interoperability between modern software and legacy hardware systems
  • Improved communication and collaboration for teammates regardless of device or location
  • User-friendly video platform with a familiar UI
  • Higher engagement for government and citizens communication
  • Increased privacy and security for video meetings often used in high-security contexts

Interoperability is important for productive virtual meetings

VideoMost let meeting participants don’t waste valuable time trying to join meetings from systems that hardly can work together. It allows to connect standards-based SIP/H.323 video conferencing systems from HW vendors with software VideoMost video meetings. So any outside participant is able to connect to the VideoMost video conferences.

Connect with anyone, any time, anywhere in the world.

VideoMost enables anyone to meet on video, regardless of device or location. It available on PC and mobile: Windows, Mac OS, Linux, Android, iOS. Video, content sharing and other tools work natively in Chrome web browser, PC desktop clients or mobile app.

Familiar UI for team communication and collaboration

With VideoMost intuitive user interface, it’s easy to schedule and host video meetings instantly on any device. All the tools and options are similar to those that popular cloud (but still insecure) video conferencing services provide. Apart from interactive video meetings, participants can change video layouts, send text messages, share content, start a survey, record meeting and so on.

Engage citizens with video services

Video communications help to deliver information and public services instantly, improving constituents' experience. Virtual video meetings and broadcasts are a powerful mechanism for sharing news, events, encouraging civic participation, recruiting employees, and encouraging citizens to provide feedback to government agencies.

Secure workflows and deployments

Government organizations around the world may easily deploy and rely on VideoMost secure video conferencing platform for their most sensitive communications. VideoMost is ready to connect individuals and organizations across a large geographic spread. VideoMost Server is deployed on-premise, uses standard encryption and security protocols to control access and to prevent unwanted audiences from listening in, and gives organizations control over their own communication environment.

Enable mission-critical communications, modernize your infrastructure and engage citizens with VideoMost trusted, scalable video platform.