VideoMost for Banks and Financial Institutes

Video Banking enables personalized and expert service at a distance and is a powerful component of a comprehensive digital customer service strategy. Contacting customers in their moment of need using video chat and/or the channels they prefer contributes to customer loyalty. Seeing each other during a remote interaction promotes trust and confidence for consumers, and helps reps gauge customer comprehension, emotional state, and satisfaction.

VideoMost provides full suite of communication and collaboration technologies for remote banking apps and services to deliver unparalleled experiences for customers and the agents and bankers serving them. Secure better client experience with Video Banking app powered by VideoMost - quick time-to-value helps you serve customers anywhere, in any channel, every day!

  • Build Relationships
  • Soulless chatbots are good for assisting in simple tasks that do not involve sensitive data. However people like in-person, live assistance when it comes to finances. Video builds long-term customer rapport.

  • Instill Trust
  • A smiling face can put consumers at ease and help them feel more comfortable during a transaction.

  • Right place, right time
  • Connect clients with the right advisors and chat, meet, or call—all in a single, secure app.

  • Convenience
  • Provide a friendly, branch-like experience wherever it's needed — at home, work, or on-the-go.

  • Clarity
  • Video combined with on-screen collaboration removes ambiguity as if being in the same room.

  • Expert Availability
  • Online or in-branch, connect clients with the right remote specialists to achieve their financial goals.

  • Shared Resources
  • Let your experts provide face-to-face help across multiple branches and your online communities.

Run virtual workspace with VideoMost

VideoMost is a self-hosted software video conferencing server with cross platform PC and mobile client apps to fit into any existing system or device and equip customers and financial institutions with high-end technology, like video banking services. Automate workflows and connect teams everywhere—from HQ to branches all over the world—in one workspace.

Bank-grade security for every conversation

Protect your customer and corporate data against security and compliance breaches and give your customers the highest standard of data protection. VideoMost is installed on-premise and can run inside secured corporate networks without access to the Internet. VideoMost Server also provides full integration with professional VPN gateways enabling end-to-end encryption of all corporate traffic between your network segments. Video, audio and content are additionally protected using contemporary top-notched AES-256 encryption to increase safety of video banking technology.

Higher engagement with content sharing

Display real-time customer information and improve customer care. With the help of content sharing, banking agents can easily show order details to clients, send visual aids, share required documents, and speed up banking IT services and transactions.

Keep every location in sync and bring all agents and clients together

Operate central locations while supporting branch offices with highly scalable VideoMost Server. Join video meetings from any location or device - VideoMost works in browser and on PC (Windows, Mac) and mobile devices (iOS, Android). Connect clients, banking agents and customer support in one place with integrated team messaging, video meetings, and collaboration tools.

Integrate and customize for your own Video Banking Solution

Integrate VideoMost with work tools you rely on in everyday work and communication: website, existing mobile app, CRM, calendar apps, etc. VideoMost is available for white-label licensing to quickly launch banking app under your brand.


Daishi Bank has chosen VideoMost-based FreshVoice for corporate video communications, collaboration and efficient team work. FreshVoice is a software product that is deployed on-premise to provide secure video meetings and virtual team collaboration. Self-hosted video conferencing server ensures complete control over corporate communications by keeping 100% of data and media flow inside the corporate. On-premise installation of VideoMost-based video conferencing doesn’t require extra infrastructure costs as it runs on a regular x86 server hardware and effectively manages Internet bandwidth.